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Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon

| Digital Marketing | March 7, 2019

Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon

Summer Training Projects on Java and Core Java

| Java Training Institute | May 16, 2015

Summer Training Projects on Java and Core Java Applications:-

Edumarts, Gurgaon is now providing summer training for the undergraduates and graduates students in different IT related Area. Out of these areas, Java is one of the most powerful and popular language applications for any person seeking his career in IT field.  It is a programming based language that is further used to design and program other applications. It provides a new look and feel to C++ language. Java is used to design the web pages as well with the coding system. Java languages are divided in to two parts: Low Level Java Programming and high level java programming.

Summer Training covers the whole syllabus of Java Programming not through the theoretical modules but based on the practical training and assignments from professionals and working experts.

Course Curriculum:-

  • Introduction of Java, its features, compiler & interpreter
  • Data Types, Variables, Literals, Operators, Expressions
  • Loop, Arrays, Control Statements, Robust
  • Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Constructors & Modifiers
  • String Building, Mysql Data Base
  • Packages, Keywords, Exception Handling
  • Binary Input & Output, Interfaces
  • Multi-Threads, Socket Programming
  • Inner & Wrapper Classes
  • Annotations, Swing Programming, Generics

Java Training will cover the above mentioned curriculum through the experienced professionals in live training sessions scheduled in house. After the successful completion of this training, students will have to submit the project report under the guidance of the allotted mentors. Report topic will be based on the students understanding and experience.

Training Schedule:-

Weekdays: Monday to Friday

Weekends: Saturday Sunday

Morning & Evening batches both are available. Training hours will be based on the eligibility & knowledge of the students.


12th, BCA, B.E., B.Tech.

Anyone seeking for the live training project on java or Core Java in Gurgaon, South Delhi, and Ghaziabad may call us on 9718620005. Limited seats are available for summer training sessions.

PHP Training Institute Gurgaon

| PHP Training Institute | October 31, 2013

PHP Training Institute Gurgaon

EDU Marts is a renowned institute of IT Training in Gurgaon offering high class educational programs.  Faculty that comprises Industry experts is committed to provide professional classes to potential PHP developers by enhancing their technique in this widely used programming language. Professionals take care that these classes are appropriate for better learning of the students aspiring to make a name for them in the IT industry. We assure 100% placement of the students successfully completing the training in reputed companies. We are purely committed to nurture future professionals for a better and advanced tomorrow.

EDU Marts – the leading institute of PHP Training located in Gurgaon is purely dedicated to serve consistent and absolute learning experience to all potential students who are looking for an excellent career in PHP development field. In the era of advance technology, PHP programming language has turned into an important language in the development field, and has led proficient people to have good command over web development. Understanding the importance of this language, EDU Marts has introduced structured and wide variety of training packages keeping in mind the requirements of students. We cater PHP training via practical and theoretical classes which helps in the development of knowledge, and make students expert in their profession. Our institute even provides some valuable projects that offer a great opportunity for students to implement their knowledge and judge their learning.

EDU Mart is located in Gurgaon

The institute feels pride to offer an online platform to students on which they can work on live projects. Our professionals have immense knowledge of several open source platforms that include Magento, OsCommerce, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal and Prestashop.  We make sure that our students learn and practice working on these platforms to groom their skills and face challenges to upgrade their knowledge. This helps our students to easily proceed in real environment or get job immediately once the course is completed. EDU Marts commitment to excellence and structured training program has made the most sought after institute in PHP training in Gurgaon. To know more about us, please visit our company page.

Why PHP training is needed? What is its scope?

PHP is one of the most efficient programming languages applied in today’s website development and programming projects. Proper training is required in PHP as the programmers need to work on diverse projects. Good programming reflects the user-friendly functionality of a particular website or program giving users an easy experience. Training is required so that programmers can easily implement the right and required functionality to the program which can make it effective and successful. Good knowledge of PHP will be just like a strong weapon to win the war, which in this case is a successful career in PHP development. When it comes to the scope, PHP has a wider scope for all potential students as 75% of the web servers are using this language as it is a significant server-side language. And its approach will increase day by day as the development increases. Thus, professionals can rest assured of an excellent career provided they go through the entire training program without any glitches. Having command over PHP language is itself is a big achievement and no one can beat it.

Who is eligible to pursue PHP language?

As it is clear that this language is used in website development or web application, so without any doubt it must be clear to all that technical background and knowledge is the very first eligibility for this course. Although PHP is even recommended to non-technical students, but the success behind non-technical people would be less in comparison to technical one. Students who have the background of BCA, B. Tech, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Sc (IT), M.Sc (IT) and any other field of computers can pursue this course without any doubt. All these platforms enable students to understand the programming and basic level of PHP in order to move ahead and become experts in this profession. EDU Marts welcomes students who want to pursue this course and make a bright career in the IT sector.

PHP MySQL training

EDU Marts is quite focused and devoted to groom its PHP learners and programmers therefore we even provide MySQL training. Our faculty makes sure that the students become efficient in every aspect of PHP. Our training will help you in the following:

  • Students can easily develop and manage MySQL appropriately
  • Helps to reduce your database TCO by 90% on Microsoft Windows
  • Makes your mission easier when it comes to critical applications by providing and essential services that run 24×7

Learn working on Live International PHP Projects

We at EDU Marts are glad to provide Live International PHP Projects to our students, which enable them to learn working efficiently and get rich experience for future endeavors. Students learn working on several live projects under professional assistance and observation. We have capable industry experts and highly educated faculty to provide the right guidance and correct path to pursue. Our Live projects will be quite helpful for students to handle the projects confidently and smoothly. It will help students to boost their moral and confidence which would plays a vital role in their future. Being a well-know PHP training institute Gurgaon, India, we assure to give as much practical knowledge as required and encourage students to beat the competition through their proficient skills.

We at EDU Marts welcome our students to our Gurgaon based PHP training institute for bright future through extensive PHP training. We not only groom technical and basic skills of students but even assure 100% placement in reputed IT firm.

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